Director, NICHOLAS BROOKS "...Lucille delivered again and again. She breathed a lovely, rich complexity into the character of Margaret that resonates with amazing strength every time I watch her on screen. It is her ability to draw our attention to these tiny, precise elements of character that I believe is her signature strength as an actress...."


THE GUARDIAN "Lucille Sharp's Abigail is a truly poisonous little snake."

               -Alfred Hickling


INSIDER LOUISVILLE "In Season 3 of “DOWNTON ABBEY,” Sharp distinguished herself as a fine talent with good comedic timing."

               -Melissa Chipman


BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE"...the quiet, laser-beam intensity of Lucille Sharp's Abigail is in no small part responsible for the power of this 'overture'. Her relationship with John Proctor (Stephen Billington) is utterly convincing: the undertones of her youthful passion and his somewhat reluctant repentance are sketched with precision." 

               -Mark Smith

DEADLINE Downton Abbey, "...Cara Theobold and Lucille Sharp are on board..."